IWT offers a variety of services to complement our high quality product line.  We can also provide you with budgetary pricing for bidding purposes.

Custom Fabrications

Geomembranes and geotextiles can be fabricated into a variety of different products for your project requirements.  From simple dust barriers to more complex floating covers or daily covers, we’ll help you design a custom product solution to meet your needs.  Please call us at 609-971-8810. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Factory Seaming, Slitting and Re-Rolling

Are you looking for geotextiles in custom roll sizes or factory seamed panels? IWT/Cargo-Guard offers factory seaming of geotextiles to custom widths and lengths. Seaming capabilities range from non-woven, slit-film wovens and monofilament wovens to the high performance/high-strength polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) geotextiles. We also offer off-line slitting and re-rolling with fast delivery to your job site. Please call us at 609-971-8810 for more information.


IWT can assist you with field installation services through our network of manufacturer-approved and experienced geomembrane liner, geotextile and erosion control product installers. Please call us at 609-971-8810 to discuss your next project.  We’ll help you find a cost-effective solution to meet your requirements.