Oil Containment Booms


Oil spills have a significant impact on the environment and economy, damaging beaches, marshlands and fragile marine ecosystems.  The toxicity of the oil poses a serious threat to wildlife, often killing birds, marine mammals and fish living in these sensitive fresh water and marine environments.

Oil booms are the most commonly used, most environmentally friendly spill cleanup method due to their rapid deployment and ability to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources by making spill recovery easier.  They are often the first equipment to be mobilized at a spill site and the last to be removed.

As oil booms are subject to marine currents, wind velocity, water depths, and wave height and frequency, it is essential that these factors be considered in the selection process.

In light of IWT’s ongoing commitment to protect and preserve the environment, we offer a complete line of high-quality oil containment booms and accessories for varying water and wind conditions.

Please see our oil containment boom and spill response products pages to learn more, or contact our sales department at 609-971-8810 for expert assistance in selecting the appropriate booms and accessories for your emergency spill response needs.


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