Marine Accessories

Marine accessories such as anchoring systems, buoys and marker lights are essential for the installation and maintenance of floating turbidity curtains and containment booms.  IWT offers a complete line of high performance marine accessories designed to provide seamless deployment, anchoring and securing of these structures, thus ensuring a successful containment installation.
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Anchor Sets

Tidal changes, current flow and direction, prevailing winds, bottom composition, and water depth are important considerations in the design of a proper boom anchoring system. When deploying in navigable waters, consult the U.S. Coast Guard or local authority.  Our anchor sets can also be pre-assembled with rope and chain to ship with turbidity barriers or containment booms.

  • Metal Posts/Poles: A good option for shallow water or tidal areas.  Cabled rings with floats can also be utilized to allow the barrier to rise and lower.
  • Mushroom Anchor: Stockless with a cast iron bowl at the end of a shank.  It works especially well for loose or sandy bottoms.  The anchor gradually sinks deeply into the bottom and has tremendous holding power once embedded.
  • Danforth Anchor: Lightweight with long, narrow, pivoting twin flukes at the end of a long shank.  The stock is attached to the rear of the flukes, which engage quickly and bury the anchor completely under heavy loads.
  • Pyramid Anchor:  A one-piece cast iron anchor specifically designed for rapid bottom penetration.  Its shape and large surface area create powerful suction that increases the deeper it sets.  Works especially well in hard, rocky or sandy bottom applications.
  • Marine Earth Anchor: A percussion-driven earth anchor providing an alternative to traditional anchoring methods.  It performs especially well in displaceable ground conditions often encountered in marine applications.  It is also lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install with powerful holding capacity.


  • Mooring Buoys: A simple foam-filled sphere with hardware at the bottom for attaching lines.  Typical sizes range from 12″ diameter to 24″ diameter.
  • Marker Buoys: Also called pick up buoys and used to mark the placement of anchors.  They typically have a long mast with a flag or radar reflective tape.  Considerably smaller than a mooring buoy so that under heavy strain it will be submerged before it can raise the anchor.
  • Lighted Buoys: Required in navigable waterways.  Prevents vessel traffic from entering boomed areas.  Topped with a battery-operated flashing light.  Controlled by a photo sensor to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.  Colored lenses also available. Lighted buoys typically replace marker buoys.

Marker Lights

  • 9000X Series: Battery-operated, bright pulsating light.  Flashes 30 times per minute.  Visible up to one mile.  Available in red, amber, white or green.  Mounts on buoys as well as stand-alone floating masts.
  • Sea-Light SL15: A LED solar marker light.  Preset flashing patterns as well as steady on.  Mounts on a buoy and is visible up to one mile.  Available in red, white, yellow or green.
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