Job Site Supplies


Construction Film

Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Thickness range from 6 mil to 10 mil

Available in clear, black or fire retardant

Rolls are stocked for fast delivery to your jobsite

Call us at 609-971-8810 and ask about our volume discounts.

Non-Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Thickness range from 4 mil to 10 mil nominal (industry standard) and full gauge

Available in clear or black, 20’ and 40‘ wide rolls

Rolls are stocked for fast delivery to your jobsite

Call us at 609-971-8810 and ask about our volume discounts.


Silt Fence

A correctly installed silt fence is an effective and economical sediment barrier.  Manufactured from geotextile filter fabric, it allows water to pass through while trapping soil particles long enough for them to settle.  We offer a variety of silt fences to suit both state and local contract specifications.  Please call us so we can help you select the right material for your project.

  • Contractors Grade Silt Fence
  • Plastic Mesh Backed Silt Fence
  • Drawstring Silt Fence
  • D.O.T. Silt Fence
  • Super Silt Fence Kits (6 ga., 9 ga., or 11.5 ga. chain link, silt fence fabric, posts, hog rings, and ties)
  • Wire Back silt fence (orange and black)

Orange Safety Fence

Safety fence, also known as warning barrier, is a staple supply for construction sites.  When selecting a fence, keep in mind the longevity of application and jobsite conditions.  Standard roll sizes 4’ x 100’ or 4′ x 50’.

  • Economy
  • Medium Weight
  • Heavy Weight
  • Diamond Link (green and orange)

Deer Fence

UV stabilized black polypropylene mesh that is both strong and lightweight.  Available in 6.5’, 7.5’ and 8’ heights.  Please call us at 609-971-8810 for more information.

Wood Lathe Snow/Sand Fence

With 5 strands of 14 gauge twisted wire supporting 3/8 x 1-1/2″ natural wood slats, this wood lathe slatted fence is especially ideal for snow and sand control.  Standard roll size 4’ x 50’.  Other custom styles are also available.  Please call us at 609-971-8810 for more information.

Privacy Screen

Privacy screen is a high tech knitted fabric that attaches to fencing.  It restricts visual intrusion to your jobsite while concealing unsightly areas.  Available in dark green roll size 68” x 150, or black roll size 92” x 150’.  Other heights and colors are also available.


Metal Posts

5′ or 6′ metal t-post in green for use with wire back silt fence kits or safety fence.

Channel posts

Heavy-duty steel posts made of durable 13-gauge steel with a stabilizing anchor plate.  Available in 5′ and 6′ heights.

Tubing posts

SS-20 and SS-40 tubing posts for use with super silt fence kits

Wood Posts

High grade oak stakes manufactured with pencil points for easier ground penetration during installation.  Produced in 36”, 42”, 48” and 60” lengths as well as varying widths.  Some applications include assembling your own silt fence, staking hay bales, coir logs and straw wattles.

Fasteners, Anchors and Tools

Metal Staples

Erosion control blankets require the use of metal U-shaped staples to anchor them into the ground.  Available in 6”, 8”, and 12” lengths.  Also ask about the round top staple.

Biodegradable E Staples

Environmentally friendly option for anchoring erosion blankets in sensitive areas. Barbed shoulders and head give the staple excellent holding capacity.  In addition, microbes in the soil break the staple down in 8-24 months depending upon conditions. Available in 4” and 6” lengths.

Geotextile Fabric Pins

Available in 12” and 18” lengths with a metal washer at the top for securing fabrics in place. 100 per box.

Earth Anchors

Percussion-driven earth anchor that offers a versatile, modern approach to anchoring in the most displaceable ground conditions.  It is also lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install with excellent holding capacity.   For use in marine applications, sea walls, gabions, and MSE walls.

Spring Loaded Hog Ring Pliers and Cartridges

Supplied by strips of C-rings, these unique pliers provide a fast and easy way to fasten super silt fence.  Strips of C-rings cartridges sold separately. 2500/box

Hog Ring Pliers

Hand held for use with standard hog rings, these pliers attach chain link to super silt fence.  In addition, we offer pneumatic hog ring guns for rental or purchase.

Cable Zip Ties

  • Standard 7” and 11”
  • Jumbo Heavy Duty
  • Black UV

Aluminum Wire Pre-Ties

For use with super silt fence kits to attach wire to posts.  Sold 100/bag.

Liner Tapes

Butyl Seal Double-Sided tape

Butyl seal is a double-sided reinforced aggressive black butyl rubber tape used to join panels of polyethylene and polypropylene together by overlapping the edges and applying Butyl Seal in between.  It is also non-hardening and flexible.  Available in 2” x 50’ roll.


R25B Tape is a single-sided aggressive synthetic elastomeric adhesive that bonds instantly to properly prepared polyethylene and polypropylene.  The black polymer backing and adhesive is also specially formulated to provide years of performance even in direct sunlight. Available in a 4” x 100’ roll.

Vapor Bond Tapes

This white single-sided tape combines a heavy-duty, weather-resistant polyethylene backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive.  Typical applications include vapor retarders, covers and liners. Available in a 4” x 210’ roll.

VaporBond Plus Tape

Single-sided aluminum foil tape with a release liner for ease of installation.  The aluminum foil is highly impermeable to methane as well as other gases.  Acrylic adhesive provides outstanding adhesion to polyethylene over a wide temperature range.  Typical uses include joining and sealing gas/moisture barriers.  Available in 4” x 150’ rolls

Canvex Tape

Canvex Seal Tape is a single-sided white woven tape that has excellent adhesion to polyethylene.  The acrylic adhesive also provides much longer life than many competitive tapes.  It is recommended for taping the seams on in-wall vapor retarders and crawl spaces.

Available in a 4” x 100’ roll.


Nylon 3 Strand

Highly UV stabilized yarn that produces an extremely versatile rope.  It offers excellent shock absorption as well as high abrasion resistance.  It also resists mildew, use hardening, and UV rays.  Available in black or white in 600’ or 1200’ spools.

Polypropylene 3 Strand

Polypropylene is the lightest and most economical synthetic rope.  In fact, it has approximately twice the tensile strength of manila.  The polypropylene will not rot or mildew and is resistant to most chemicals and acids.  It also floats in salt and fresh water, and can be stored wet.  Standard color is yellow with a black tracer in 600’ or 1200’ spools.

Other nylon, polypropylene and polyester rope styles are also available.  Call us at 609-971-8810 for more information.

Sand Bags & Bulk Bags

Sand Bags

Woven polypropylene sandbags come complete with heavy poly-twine ties.  They are available in white (400 hr. UV protection) as well as bright orange (100 hr. UV protection) for increased visibility.  The sandbags come in 2 sizes: 14″ x 26″ weighing 50 pounds when filled, and 18″ x 27″ weighing 75 pounds when filled.

For long-term exposure, string reinforced polyethylene sandbags are used to secure large covers and liners to prevent wind damage.  They are also designed for a minimum life of 2 years in exposed applications. 15″ wide x 24″ long bags will hold 35 lbs when filled.

Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are capable of holding large volumes of material. They are often used to transport contaminated waste, soil, and debris to landfills served by rail.  They can also be filled with sand to create a temporary dam. Standard size is 3‘ x 3‘x‘ 3 but other sizes are available.  Call us at 609-971-8810 for more information on applications, pricing and availability.

Sediment Control Devices

Dewatering Pump Filter bags

A disposable filter bag made of heavyweight non-woven geotextile filter fabric.  They are specifically designed for rapid onsite dewatering of sediments from any water pumping activity.  Once bulk dewatering takes place, self weight consolidation and confining pressure of the bag itself continue the dewatering process.  Standard size is 15’ x 15’ with a maximum hose inlet diameter of 8″.  Other custom sizes and materials are also available.  Please call us at 609-971-8810 for more information.

Silt Sacks

Reduces the amount of silt and debris that may enter a stormwater inlet during construction.  These 4´ x 2´ x 3´ sacks are placed inside the storm drain to collect debris as it enters the opening.  Other sizes are also available.  Please call us at 609-971-8810 for more information.

Inlet Covers

This 2´ x 4´ inlet cover reduces the amount of silt and debris that may enter a stormwater inlet during construction.  Two layers of nonwoven geotextile allow water to pass through while trapping sediments.  Accumulated sediment deposits can then be hosed or brushed off.

Turbidity Barriers

Confines sediments in work zones near shorelines or in open waters. See our turbidity barrier/silt curtain products for more information.

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