Flood Control and Water Diversion


Flooding damages property and endangers the lives of humans and other species.  Rapid water runoff causes soil erosion while sediment deposits pollute or completely destroy wildlife habitats.  Floods also interfere with drainage and economic use of lands.  They cause structural damage to bridge abutments, sewer lines and other structures.  The financial impact of flooding is also significant, costing millions of dollars each year.

We offer a complete line of flood control and water diversion solutions for every project.  Please call us at 609-971-8810 for more information.  We welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Bulk Bag Dam

The use of bulk bags has expanded to include temporary dams for stream diversion or onsite exclusion zones. When filled with sand, a 3’ x 3’ x3’ bulk bag provides an efficient barrier.  When stacked and faced with an impermeable liner, the bulk bag dam is also a safe and cost-effective alternative to inflatable structures.  In addition, bulk bag dams can be rapidly deployed and the height adjusted to site-specific conditions.  Please call us at 609-971-8810 so we can show you how to use the bulk bag dam on your next project.

Muscle Wall

Muscle Wall is a sustainable and diverse tool for use in oil and gas containment, stormwater management, erosion and flood control.  It is made from LLDPE plastic molded into 2′ and 4′ high barricades that easily slot together to form a unique barrier.  It keeps contents in as a secondary containment while keeping water out as an exclusion barrier.  In addition, Muscle Wall helps to meet regulatory requirements for stormwater management and oil and gas secondary containment.  Muscle Wall is also cost-effective and reusable.  It is both easy to deploy/dismantle and clean up.  Consider this versatile tool for your next project or emergency.  Call us at 609-971-8810 for more information.

Self Inflating Jute Sand Bags

This bag automatically absorbs water and expands rapidly due to its super water absorbent materials.  This enables users to fight water with water while quickly controlling flooding in an emergency.  They also save time and manpower, require small storage space, are biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.  Inflates to 40-44 lbs. in 3-5 minutes.


DamBag™ is a rapidly deployed and reusable alternative to sandbags.  It is ideal for flood control, shoreline protection, erosion control, hazardous material containment, and environmental disaster relief.

It requires no assembly and minimal site preparation prior to deployment.  One 100′ section (equivalent to 8,000 sandbags) can be filled in 20-25 minutes, thus saving time and manpower.  DamBag™ also utilizes any readily available aggregate (gravel, sand, crushed road base).  In addition, it offers up to a 40% reduction in materials required vs. comparable sandbags, effectively reducing costs.  Available in 2′, 4′, and 6′ heights.  It can be installed in lengths from 9′ to unlimited feet or miles.

Please call us at 609-971-8810 so we can show you how to use this versatile, cost-effective tool for your next project or emergency.

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