Demarcation Fabrics


Orange demarcation fabrics are essential for many excavation projects.  They are especially useful on sites containing underground utilities or other buried structures.  Excavation of these sites can be hazardous and result in costly repairs.  The bright orange fabric signals workers to stop digging before coming in contact with a buried structure, resulting in safer excavation.

Demarcation fabrics are also an effective visual barrier on archaeological sites. Federal and State laws require that these sites be protected from construction damage, so it is vital to ensure they remain undisturbed.  Demarcation fabrics indicate the presence of these materials and act as a protective barrier while site work continues.  They also provide long-term protection against damage by future excavations.

Orange demarcation fabrics are also an effective separation and warning layer on Brownfield remediation sites.  Since removing and transporting contaminants offsite is costly, demarcation fabrics are an economical alternative.  Marking contaminated soils prior to backfilling with clean soil saves both time and money.  In addition to their superior filtration and separation capabilities, they are an effective warning barrier for future excavation.

Our demarcation fabrics offer exceptional durability as well as superior physical and hydraulic properties.  They also provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly protection for various remediation, construction, and environmental applications.  Since project specifications vary, we offer several types of demarcation fabrics and netting.  Our most commonly used products are shown below.  Please call us at at 609-971-8810 so we can help you select the right demarcation fabrics for your project.

Orange Demarcation Netting

  • Lightweight orange extruded polypropylene netting with a 1/4″ or 3/4″ opening size.
  • 17′ wide rolls for fast and easy installation.

Woven Demarcation Geotextiles

  • Lightweight woven polypropylene geotextile, 24 x 8 weave of natural & orange tapes. Roll size: 12′ x 300′.
  • Available with “Danger-Do Not Dig” in English and/or Spanish printed every 10′ for additional protection.

Nonwoven Demarcation Geotextiles

  • Hi-Vis orange nonwoven geotextile fabrics. Typical weights range from 4-8 oz./sy.  Roll size: 15′ x 300’.
  • Hi-Vis green nonwoven geotextiles made from recycled polyester fibers. Typical weights range from 4.5 oz./sy up to 16 oz./sy.  Roll Size: 12.5′ x 400′ or 15‘ x 300′.
  • White polyester spun-bonded nonwoven geotextile.  Typical weight is 2 oz./sy. Roll size: 15′ x 300′
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