Demarcation Fabrics


High visibility demarcation fabrics are essential to any excavation project.  Their superior strength, durability and chemical resistance provides an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and permanent visual barrier solution for a variety of remediation and construction applications:

Remediation Projects – The removal of contaminated soils from a site is a costly process.  The use of demarcation fabric as an alternative to removing the contaminants is a safe and cost-effective option.  In addition to superior chemical resistance, filtration and separation capabilities, they provide an effective warning barrier for future excavation.

Construction Projects – Excavation of sites that contain underground utilities or other buried structures can be a sensitive operation.  The bright orange fabric is a highly visible warning barrier to prevent digging in these areas.  This allows for safer excavation and prevents costly repairs.

Excavation Projects – When excavation of a site uncovers archaeological remains, it’s essential to leave them intact while site work continues.  Demarcation fabric provides long-term protection while preventing future excavations from disturbing important historical sites.

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