IWT Supplies Bi-Axial Geogrid & High Strength Geotextile for Lagoon Sludge Stabilization Project


IWT/Cargo-Guard supplied Frontier Services with bi-axial geogrid and geotextiles for a design build project.  The project required the stabilization of lagoon sludge deposits before the site was considered complete.  The consistency of the sludge was gelatinous and capable of consuming equipment if driven over.  The plan was to stabilize the sludge with geosynthetics to enable large construction equipment to drive on it without becoming stuck.  Historically, IWT has had great success with pumpable mud scenarios by using a combination of geogrid and high strength geotextile as separation layers.

For this application, IWT selected Huesker’s Comtrac 105/105 high strength woven geotextile and Fornit 30/30 bi-axial geogrid to create the necessary stability.  A single layer of  woven geotextile was laid on top of the sludge followed by 18″ of dry soil.  The next step was the layer of bi-axial geogrid followed by another 18″ of dry topsoil.  As a result of compaction from the equipment driving on the surface, the area was successfully stabilized.  A site that was once completely unsafe was now fully operational as a result of IWT’s geosynthetic solution.

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