IWT/Cargo-Guard Supplies Gabions to the New York Police Academy Construction Project


IWT recently supplied Brickens Construction, Inc. with custom gabion baskets for a gabion wall installation at the New York Police Academy construction site in College Point, Queens, New York.  The project included restoration of an on-site drainage ditch which required the use of stepped gabion baskets to create a unique retaining wall.

The project site proved challenging due to persistent water intrusion during construction.  Constant dewatering was required in order to create the specialized retaining walls, and Brickens Construction looked to IWT for a solution to bypass the water when rain events made work nearly impossible.

IWT devised a number of culvert reducers that were connected to dewatering pumps which pumped the water to a proper discharge zone.  This created a safe work area, enabling construction of the gabion walls to continue uninterrupted.  The gabion retaining walls are not only functional but also aesthetically attractive once vegetation is established.  They will adorn the new facility and function as a proper retention area for the water that will remain.

IWT offers galvanized, PVC-coated and Galfan wire mesh gabions and reno mattresses in both standard and custom sizes. Check out our Gabion Baskets and Reno Mattresses page, and feel free to contact our sales department at 609-971-8810.  We’ll help you select the right product for your next project.